All popular ColorFabb 3D filaments

Amazing quality 3D filament produced in The Netherlands, ColoFabb provides a unique selection of materials for a variety of applications. Great materials for makers and artists to make the strongest and nicest  creations.

About colorFabb

ColorFabb started in what was essentially a garage, an idea and long hours of work, dedication and commitment. Founded by Ruud Rouleaux, currently CEO and owner of Helian Polymers, in the winter of 2012-2013 the extensive knowledge of the (bio) plastics industry, colorants and additives made it a logical next step for him to explore opportunities in the world of 3D printing. After rigorous testing and experimenting prior to colorFabb's inception a new grade of PLA (PLA/PHA) was developed and it became commercially available in March 2013.

Fast forward to 2023, 10 years later, colorFabb has grown into a household name in the 3D printing industry, with a large portfolio of high quality filaments, years of knowledge and praised customer service. 

About PLA 3D filament

ColorFabb offer an exciting variation of PLA filaments, including the special PLA/PHA blend, regular PLA Economy and PLA with Elephant Grass.

ColorFabb's signature 3D filament blend of bioplastics is PLA/PHA, a less brittle and stunning PLA filament. PHA (polyhydroxyalkanoate) is a bio-polyester, there for the blend is 100% biodegradeable. Besides its naturel color, the material is also available in a huge variety of colors, take a look in our PLA/PHA portfolio.

The Vibers PLA has a biobased formulation with 10% Elephant grass, which captures carbon from the atmosphere very efficiently, up to four times the amount of CO2 compared to regular European woods. Vibers PLA by ColorFabb has unique properties that make it a great filament to 3D print compared to other PLA types. It comes in amazing earth-tone and pastel colors complementing the more environmentally friendly material. The material prints smoothly in your 3D printers and has a matte Orange finish.

ColorFabb 3D Filament Specials 

 Maybe ColorFabb most well known filaments are the special 3D filaments like Woodfill, Copperfill and Bronzefill. They make a unique set of 3D filament based on PLA with additives that make life-like objects. These are must-have 3D filament for makers who do model trains track design or artists.

You can find the assortment of awesome materials in the ColorFabb PLA Specials section.

nGen filament temperature resistant filament

Discover NGEN filament by colorFabb. The NGEN filament is a unique material that works for all applications. This means that you can easily print artwork and prototypes in this material for any use!

ColorFabb ASA filament

Explore the ASA 3D filament by ColorFabb. ASA is a weather proof material being quite resilient against UV light and rain, while LW-ASA also enables you to reduce the weight of your objects.

About ColorFabb PA-CF Low-warp

ColorFabb’s PA-CF Low-warp filament is a nylon filament consisting of a unique polyamide and carbon fiber blend. This is almost a completely warp-free material when using no heated bed! Use this impressive filament for creating functional and flexible parts.


ColorFabb PETG filament

Create useful functional parts with colorFabb’s PETG Economy filament. PETG is known to have many recycling options and also provides a low chance of shrinkage. This allows you to print 3D models and parts that have high mechanical strength, thanks to the superb bonding of the layer lines. To get a matte fnish we also carry the semi-matte PETG version.

TPU filament by ColorFabb

Colorfabb’s TPU filament is an innovative material that allows the user to select their own material hardness. This is all possible thanks to the impressive foam technology that enables more air particles to enter the material. The TPU’s base shore hardness is 92A, however, the material's density can be tweaked by setting different printing temperatures.


allPHA 100% biodegradable 3D filament

allPHA by ColorFabb makes 3D printing greener by enabling your to 3D print a 100% biological materials, which will break down in any biotope without leaving microplastics. PolyHydroxyAlkanoates (PHA) is an end product of fermentation of sugars and oils by bacteria, which can be fully consumed by micro-organisms. Compared to PLA, which is only biodegradable in industrial composting environments, this is a big step forward.

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